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TASERs Legalized In Massachusetts

Massachusetts TASER Law Overturned


TASER Guns Soon to be Legal in Massachusetts

On Tuesday, April 14th, 2018 the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court struck down a state law that bans regular citizens from owning stun guns and Taser devices. The court ruled unanimously that the law violates the United States Constitution's Second Amendment, which gives Americans the right to bear arms.

The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court delayed the ruling’s effect for 60 days to allow lawmakers time to consider regulating stun guns and TASERs. TASER owners will more than likely be allowed to keep one in the home, as well as carry one openly without any sort of permit or license. The state may require a concealed carry license for those who want to carry a TASER device inside their clothing or out of sight in a vehicle. For more information, click here.


TASERs will be legal in Massachusetts on June 16, 2018. Pre-order yours now and we'll ship it to you when legal, or bookmark us and return to make your purchase!

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Witness the Take Down Power of a TASER

TASER devices are extremely effective in neutralizing an attacker! All five of the TASER models we sell are geared to not only inflict pain on aggressive assailants, but totally incapacitate them as well. Watch this video of the TASER X26c in action!

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