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TASER® X2 Defender

The TASER®X2 Defender has the ability to take down two assailants at once, being two cartridges can be loaded at the sane time. This adds an extra layer of protection for the user, when being out numbered by the bad guys. Orders that are placed by 2pm central time will ship the day they are placed.

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TASER X2 Defender


TASER X2 Defender Blackhawk Holster

ITEM NUMBER: DE-X2-holster

Sale Price: $1,399.99


The TASER® X2 Defender is a two shot device that has the ability to take down two assailants without reloading.

Sale Price: $129.95


This Blackhawk Holster fits the TASER® X2 Defender. The TASER® X2 Defender can disable two attackers at once!