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TASER X26c Camera

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TASER® X26c Camera

It is an optional upgrade compatible with all X26 model devices, the TASER® X26c Camera provides an additional layer of audio & video evidence to support deployment reports. It records 1.5 hours of audio & video (MPEG format) in white and black at 10 frames per second. It even records in complete darkness, using infrared illumination.

A picture is worth a thousand words, a Video is even better!

The TASER® CAM™ video recorder offers increased accountability when used in a lawful manner by law enforcement personnel, as well as regular citizens’ wanting to protect themselves. Without video, it can be the officer or citizen TASER® user's word against the assailant’s word. Now with the TASER® CAM recorder, every potential deployment can be documented with full audio and camera video. This video camera was formerly only available to law enforcement agencies, but now has now been made available to non-law enforcement TASER® X26c & X26p users as well!

The TASER® CAM video system is an audio-video recording camera integrated into a rechargeable TASER® power supply that replaces the standard Digital Power Magazine (DPM) battery pack. The TASER® CAM audio video recorder is activated any time the safety is in the off position (ARMED). This allows users to capture vital audio and video information prior to, during, and after the potential deployment of the unit.

Audio and video data is downloaded via a USB cable. The TASER® CAM camera and recorder is an optional upgrade compatible with all x26 models (X26, X26c, X26p, etc.) users and provides another layer of accountability to support law enforcement officers' reports and citizens who want to protect themselves!

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