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TASER X2 Defender

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List price: $1,599.99
Sale price: $1,399.99
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TASER® X2 Defender
$200 Off Retail!

Package Contents:
1 TASER® X2 Defender
Dual Laser Sights
LED Flashlight
2 Live Cartridges
1 Blackhawk Holster
1 Practice Target
1 Lithium Battery (50 Shots)
1 Instruction Manual
Lifetime Support

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Note: To protect your privacy, all packages show "World Net Enterprises" as the sender. "Next Day", "Second Day", "Third Day" and "Saturday Delivery" orders must be placed by 2:00 P.M. (14:00) Central Time to ship the day they are placed.

Just what is the TASER® X2 Defender?
The TASER® X2 Defender is a two shot device that has the ability to take down two assailants without reloading. The two cartridges contain nitrogen that propels the darts that are connected to 15 feet of insulated wire at a speed of 180 feet per second. The TASER® X2 deploys the individual cartridges independently, by pulling the trigger multiple times. The three other
TASER® models that we sell, only have the capacity of loading one cartridge at a time. When firing the three other TASER® models that we sell, if there is more than one assailant, one has two options, in cases when there is more than one assailant. Load another cartridge, which takes about 2 seconds, or quickly remove the spent cartridge with thumb and forefinger, then use the device as a direct contact stun device. When no cartridge is installed, to metal prongs will deliver the same takedown power as when loaded, when pressed against the second and third assailant. Again, the TASER® X2 Defender simply has the capacity to load 2 separate cartridges at the same time, so two assailants can be disabled, without reloading the unit. All TASER® models fire cartridges can disable an attacker from 15 feet.

Neuro Muscular Incapacitation (NMI)
TASER® modern technology is designed to purchase electrical impulses much like those in your body's nerves to.cause stimulation of the sensory and motor nerves. Neuro Muscular Incapacitation (NMI) takes place when a TASER® device has the ability to trigger spontaneous stimulation of both the sensory nerves and the electric motor nerves to render an enemy temporarily not able to regulate movement. It is not based on pain and could be efficient on individuals with a higher endurance for pain.

Previous generations of stun devices largely affected the nerves only, leading to pain tolerance. An aggressor with a higher than normal tolerance to pain (a drug abuser, person in significant mental distress, or a skilled, concentrated boxer) might not be hindered or might be able to overcome the effects of the direct contact stun gun.

A TASER® device can incapacitate an attacker through up to 2 inches of clothing.

TASER® X2 Electrical Theory
Electrical energy needs to have the ability to move in between the darts or the electrodes to provide the shock and will normally adhere to the course of the very least resistance.

The better the spread in between the darts on the assailant, the better the results. Electrical energy will usually not pass to others in contact with the attacker, unless contact is made straight in between or on the darts, or the wires are touched.

Direct exposure to water will not increase the power to the person (the delivered electrical charge is fixed inside the TASER® device, and will not increase significantly even with environmental changes).

As long as one top dart and one bottom dart from the TASER® X2 hits the attacker, the electrical circuit can be completed, even if the darts were deployed from different cartridges.

The electrical metering technology was built to deliver optimal charge.

Medical research has determined that pacemakers and heart defibrillators can tolerate electrical shocks from outside the body several times the magnitude stronger than the shock TASER® devices deliver.

Your TASER® Support Representative
All TASER® customers are assigned a TASER® Support Representative to address any questions or concerns they may have after the sale. You will be able to reach your TASER® Support Representative by phone or email. Your TASER® Support Representative will email his or her contact information before the end of the next business day after the sale. Please note that TASER® Support Representatives are employed by World Net Enterprises, parent company of DefenseProducts101.com, and not the manufacturer, TASER® International.


Watch Police Videos of the TASER® Devices in Action!

Note: All four of the TASER® models that we sell deliver a stronger shock than our higher voltage stun guns, being both TASER® products' wattage and amperage output is much higher. Though our higher voltage stun guns are effective in disabling assailants at close range (stun guns do not fire darts - the unit itself must touch assailant), both TASER® models have more take down power, and disable assailants from 15 feet away.

TASER® Devices
are the Most Effective!


TASER® Stun Guns have been field proven effective in actual police use. TASER® International makes the only non-lethal device that can truly incapacitate people under the influence of PCP and other dangerous drugs. Further, a hit anywhere on the body can be effective, making it easy to use and more reliable under stress.


• Proven effective
• No aftereffects or contamination
• 15-foot or 4.5 meter range
• Reload in less than 2 seconds
• Contact stun capability

TASER® technology has been available to citizens concerned with self-defense for over a decade. Unlike conventional weapons, the TASER® X2 Defender is effective with a hit anywhere on the bo

TASER X2 Defender Performance Power Magazine PPM


TASER X2 Defender Blackhawk Holster

ITEM NUMBER: DE-X2-holster

TASER X2 Defender Cartridges (2 Pack)


Sale Price: $89.95

This TASER® X2 Defender Performance Power Magazine PPM is good for 50 firings or five years, whichever comes first.

Sale Price: $129.95

This Blackhawk Holster fits the TASER® X2 Defender. The TASER® X2 Defender can disable two attackers at once!

Sale Price: $89.95

These cartridges fit the TASER® X2 Defender. The TASER® X2 Defender features "two shot" capability without reloading.
Hidden Camera Sunglasses



Sale Price: $149.99

These Hidden Camera Sunglasses offer increased accountability when law enforcement and regular citizens want to protect themselves.