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TASER® Pulse Features

TASER® Pulse Features

Taser Pulse

Taser Pulse

The TASER® Pulse offers many great features, including targeting laser, LED flashlight, low battery light and more. The TASER® Pulse is the newest TASER® model offered by the manufacturer, Taser International of Scottsdale, AZ. The TASER® Pulse will neutralize an attacker from up to 15 feet away. The TASER® Pulse was created for the purpose of being carried by professional law enforcement/security personnel, as well as regular citizens. This model discharges 50,000 volts, same as the models that are much larger in size, so it packs the same punch. Check out the impressive list of features the TASER® Pulse offers below!



The TASER® Pulse is compact, yet powerful enough to get the job done! Taser International wanted to design a unit that discharges the same amount of voltage as the larger, more bulky models, yet be small enough to fit in a purse or pocket.

The TASER® Pulse fires two darts that are connected to two 15 feet insulated wires at 180 feet per second. Law enforcement officials state the 50,000 volts produces the stopping power of a 357 magnum pistol.

The TASER® Pulse cartridges contain compressed nitrogen that propels two darts, that many describe as darts with fish hooks. The darts will penetrate up to 1/8 inch past the top layer of skin, or attach to the clothing of assailants. The electricity can jump through up to two inches of clothing, completely taking control of the central nervous system of the attacker, leaving them in a fetal position on the ground.


Advanced Features
- Firearm pistol shaped design
- Compact enough to fit in purse or pocket
- Comes with a long lasting lithium battery good for up to 50 shots
- The quality laser site was designed to be fully optimized at 15 feet
- Equipped with a bright LED flashlight, to illuminate darkened environments


Neuromuscular Incapacitation (NMI)

Neuromuscular Incapacitation (NMI) is the function of completely overriding the entire central nervous system of attackers.

Shaped Pulse Technology

Shaped Pulse Technology is unique to TASER® brand products. TASER® device electrical current that is dispersed into the attacker is delivered in hard hitting increments, verses a smoother constant shock of direct contact stun guns. In other words, assailants are "hammered" to the ground.

TASER® Pulse Cartridge

The replaceable cartridge for the TASER® Pulse will incapacitate charging attackers from up to 15 feet away. The TASER® Pulse cartridge also fits the TASER® C2.

Anti-Felon Identification (AFID)

Taser Pulse ID Tags

This system was developed to aid in curtailing the TASER® devices from being misused, as it offers enhanced accountability, The anti-felon "AFID" system, exclusive only to TASER® products, includes bar-coded serial numbers inside each cartridge printed on confetti like identification tags that are disperse around the area where the unit is fired. This feature also aids in recovering TASER® units that have been stolen, in many cases, aiding in the return of the unit to its owner.

High Intensity Laser

The high intensity laser engages when the TASER® Pulse is powered up. This quality laser is optimized for 5 to 15 feet.

Power Source

The TASER® Pulse is powered with a long lasting lithium battery, that is good for up to 50 shots. The unit is equipped with a low battery indicator light, that will warn you when it's time to purchase another battery. This battery also fits the TASER® C2.

Low Battery Warning System

The TASER® Pulse is equipped with a red low battery indicator light that will let you know when it's time to purchase a new battery. The long lasting TASER® Pulse lithium battery will fire your unit up to 50 times, before needing to be replaced

Professional Strength

The TASER® Pulse stun pistol is preferred by many law enforcement personnel, professional security agencies, bounty hunters and body guards, because of its small size and light weight, yet is available for purchase by regular citizens.


Safe To Use

TASER® devices are generally safer and much more effective than other self-defense options, such as pepper sprays, and direct contact stun guns. Pepper sprays can blow back into the face of the user, placing them at a distinct disadvantage when trying to defend themselves. Direct contact stun guns require the user to be close enough to touch the assailant with the device; otherwise they will have no effect. In addition, pepper sprays and direct contact stun guns usually are less effective against assailants that are drunk or have been doing powerful drugs.


Legal To Carry In 45 States

The TASER® Pulse is not classified as a firearm. It can be legally carried in 45 states. They are restricted from citizen use in five states including HI, MA, NJ, NY & RI. To view a "Law Statutes Summery" on the possession and use of the TASER® Pulse in your area (law enforcement and consumer), click here.


Responsible Use

We make an effort to prevent misuse of the products that we sell, especially TASER® devices. We keep a record of the serial numbers of all TASER® devices that we sell. Should a crime be committed with a unit that we sell, and we are contacted by law enforcement officials, we may or may not share serial number information. Decisions of this type are made on a case by case basis.


Lifetime Replacement Guarantee

On rare occasions TASER® device owners have been known to fire their unit at an assailant, and then drop the device and run. If your TASER® Pulse is used for self-defense, and for some reason left behind at the scene, send the manufacturer a copy of the police report documenting what happened and they will replace your unit free of charge. TASER® Lifetime Replacement Guarantee is not available or applicable for: (a) on any international (Non-United States) sales or uses of TASER® devices; or (b) to any Purchaser who uses the TASER® device in a professional capacity. Click here for more information on the TASER® Lifetime Replacement Guarantee.


For more information on the TASER® Pulse or to purchase, click here.





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