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TASER Pulse Accessories

TASER Pulse Accessories

Taser Pulse

Taser Pulse

Purchase TASER Pulse accessories, including TASER Pulse holsters, refill cartridges, batteries and more today and save. All orders placed by 2pm ship the day they are placed.

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TASER Bolt/C2/Pulse Cartridge (4 Pack)

SKU: DE-37415

List Price: $169.99

Sale Price : $159.99

You save: $10.00 (6%)


This four pack of 15 foot cartridges fits both the TASER® C2 and the TASER® Pulse. Purchase extra TASER® cartridges for your C2 or Pulse and be prepared to protect yourself.

TASER Pulse Cartridge (2 Pack)

SKU: DE-37215

List Price: $89.90

Sale Price : $79.95

You save: $9.95 (11%)


This TASER Pulse Two Pack of 15 foot cartridges fits the TASER Pulse, as well as the TASER C2 Bolt. Purchase today and save $10!

TASER Pulse Holster

SKU: DE-39063

List Price: $59.99

Sale Price : $49.95

You save: $10.04 (17%)


TASER® Pulse holsters ride high on the hip, so your units can be concealed easily under a coat or jacket, should you not wish to alarm others around you.

TASER Pulse Replacement Battery

SKU: DE-39022

List Price: $54.99

Sale Price : $49.95

You save: $5.04 (9%)


The Taser Pulse Lithium Battery can power up to 50 shots from your Taser Pulse.

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