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TASER® Pulse

TASER® Pulse

Taser Pulse

Taser Pulse

The TASER® Pulse is the first compact pistol style Taser model that is powerful enough for professional use, yet available to regular citizens. The TASER® Pulse is small and light weight, yet just as effective as the larger units used by law enforcement. The new TASER® Pulse offers the latest in superior TASER® self-defense technology. Purchase yours today and protect yourself, your home and your family.


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TASER C2/Pulse 2 Pack of Cartridges

TASER C2/Pulse Cartridge (2 Pack)


TASER Pulse Bundled Package


Sale Price: $79.95


These 15 foot cartridges fit both the TASER® C2 and the TASER® Pulse. Order more cartridges at a discounted price today and save.

Sale Price: $399.99


The TASER® Pulse is the newest Taser model released by the manufacturer of all Taser products, Taser International. Order yours and protect yourself today! Click here for more information or to purchase.