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Memorial Day Weekend Sale

Memorial Day
Weekend Sale!
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Memorial Day Taser Sale


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TASER® C2 Basic Package

Package Contents:
Equipped with Laser Sight
LED Flashlight
(1) Live Cartridge
Lithium Battery (50 Shots)
Owner's Manual
Available in Black only
Want different color?


TASER® C2s are an effective non-lethal alternative to firearms, and preferred choice of many security personnel, however, are now available for regular citizen use. Read more below!

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color choices,
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Note: To protect your privacy, all packages show "World Net Enterprises" as the sender. "Next Day", "Second Day", "Third Day" and "Saturday Delivery" orders must be placed by 2:00 P.M. (14:00) Central Time to ship the day they are placed.

Please note that all TASER® customers are assigned a TASER® Support Representative to address any questions or concerns they may have after the sale. You will be able to reach your TASER® Support Representative by phone or email. Your TASER® Support Representative will email his or her contact information before the end of the next business day after the sale. Please note that TASER® Support Representatives are employed by World Net Enterprises, parent company of DefenseProducts101.com, and not the manufacturer.

TASER® technology saves lives every day. The TASER® C2 utilizes compressed nitrogen to project two small probes 15 feet at a speed of 180 feet per second. These probes are connected to the device by high-voltage insulated wire. A 50,000 volt electrical signal (same voltage as the military and law enforcement versions) is transmitted throughout the region where the probes make contact with the body or clothing for 30 seconds, resulting in an immediate loss of the person's neuromuscular control, balance and the ability to perform coordinated actions. (Watch a 1 minute demonstration video on the C2 by clicking here.) 

Watch Police Videos of TASER® Stun Devices in Action!


Note: All four TASER models we sell deliver a stronger shock than our higher voltage stun guns, being TASER® products' wattage and amperage output is much higher. Though our higher voltage stun guns are effective in disabling assailants at close range (stun guns do not fire darts - the unit itself must touch assailant), all TASER® models have more take down power, and disable assailants from 15 feet away.

TASER® Devices
are the Most Effective!

TASER® Stun Devices have been field proven effective in actual police use. TASER® International makes the only non-lethal device that can truly incapacitate people under the influence of PCP and other dangerous drugs. Further, a hit anywhere on the body can be effective, making it easy to use and more reliable under stress.


• Proven effective
• No aftereffects or contamination
• 15-foot or 4.5 meter range
• Reload in less than 2 seconds
• Contact stun capability

TASER® technology has been available to citizens concerned with self-defense for over a decade. Unlike conventional weapons, TASER® Devices are effective with a hit anywhere on the body. To be effective for self-defense, bullets risk more lethal consequences, striking the head or vital organs. Similarly, chemical or pepper sprays must hit an assailant in the face, offering a much less reliable alternative in fast moving confrontations. And, in a windy environment, sprays can be blown back onto the user.

TASER® stun devices can be used more effectively and safely with less training than other self-defense technologies.


TASER® C2 stun devices are not considered firearms. They can be legally carried (concealed or open) in most states. They are prohibited for citizen use in five states including HI, MA, NJ, NY & RI. To view a "Law Statutes Summery" on the possession and use of the TASER® devices in your area (law enforcement and consumer), click here.

Lifetime Replacement Guarantee
On rare occasions TASER® device owners have been known to fire their unit at an assailant, and then drop the device and run. If your TASER® C2, TASER® Advanced M26c or TASER® X26c is used is used for self-defense, and for some reason left behind at the scene, send the manufacturer a copy of the police report documenting what happened and they will replace your unit free of charge. TASER® Lifetime Replacement Guarantee is not available or applicable for: (a) on any international (Non-United States) sales or uses of TASER® devices; or (b) to any Purchaser who uses the TASER® device in a professional capacity. Click here for more information on the TASER® Lifetime Replacement Guarantee