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More TASER® C2 Information
In today’s world, maintaining self confidence involves the need for self protection. For independent, self-reliant women, the TASER® C2 is an effective protection device that fits any lifestyle. Click here for more info or to purchase.
The commitment to protect the family, is more than something rational. It is innate. What is rational is taking steps to reconcile the instinct to protect, to always be there when needed. Click here for more info or to purchase.
Over 250,000 law enforcement professionals in 40 countries rely on TASER devices to protect life. Protect yourself & your loved ones, with professional grade technology starting at under $400.00. Click here for more info or to purchase.
The TASER C2 personal protector, designed with your lifestyle in mind, can safely stop a threat up to 15 feet away, protecting you and your family from a safe distance. Click here for more info or to purchase.
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TASER C2 Holster

TASER C2/Pulse 2 Pack of Cartridges
TASER C2 Bundled Package


TASER C2 Horizontal Leather Holster


TASER C2/Pulse Cartridge (2 Pack)


Sale Price: $399.99


The TASER® C2 Gold Package comes with a TASER® C2, is equipped with laser sight, LED flashlight, 2 live cartridges, and more!

Sale Price: $39.95


TASER® C2 Horizontal Leather Holsters incorporate innovative design, combined with technology, resulting in swift deployment.

Sale Price: $79.95


These 15 foot cartridges fit both the TASER® C2 and the TASER® Pulse. Order more cartridges at a discounted price today and save.

TASER C2/Pulse Cartridges 4 Pack

TASER C2 2 Pack of Trainign Cartridges
TASER C2/Pulse Cartridge (4 Pack)


TASER C2/Pulse Training Cartridge (2 Pack)



Sale Price: $159.99


This four pack of 15 foot cartridges fits both the TASER® C2 and the TASER® Pulse. Purchase extra TASER® cartridges for your C2 or Pulse and be prepared to protect yourself.

Sale Price: $59.95


These blue Taser C2 training cartridges are for training or simulation purposes. They contain a primer, gas capsule, probes, and non-conductive wires.