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TASER® C2 Bolt Info Videos

TASER® C2 Bolt Information Video (1 Minute)

The TASER® C2 was recently renamed the TASER® C2 Bolt by the manufacturer, Taser International. TASER® C2 Bolts are an effective non-lethal alternative to hand guns, and though used by many professionals, are available for regular citizen use. Watch this 1 minute TASER® information video!

Below you'll find more TASER® C2 Bolt information videos!

Click here to watch a very informative video on the TASER® C2 Bolt (approx. 15 minutes). See why the TASER® C2 Bolt is the preferred choice of both men and women!

Click here to watch a video on the TASER® C2 Bolt featuring John Bunnell, host of World's Wildest Police Videos, & Ultimate Fighting Champion Eric Swiger (approx. 20 minutes).

Click here to see why the TASER C2 Bolt is the preferred choice over direct contact stun guns & pepper spray. The TASER® C2 Bolt is the logical choice for citizens & many professionals!


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