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Taser Sale! All prices slashed with free shipping on everything. No sales tax charged for shipments outside of Arkansas.
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Hidden Camera Sunglasses


List Price: $194.99

Sale Price : $154.99

You save: $40.00 (21%)


These Hidden Camera Sunglasses offer increased accountability when law enforcement and regular citizens want to protect themselves.

TASER X26c Battery

SKU: DE-26700

List Price: $54.99

Sale Price : $49.95

You save: $5.04 (9%)


This Lithium Battery delivers 50 deployments of the TASER® X26c. It's easy to install! Just snap it into the pistol grip of your TASER X26c.

TASER X26c Battery w/Extra Cartridge Clip

SKU: DE-26701

List Price: $79.99

Sale Price : $69.95

You save: $10.04 (13%)


Like the Digital Battery, this quality product has an internal memory chip that records vital operational and status information.

TASER X26c BlackHawk SERPA Duty Holster


List Price: $129.95

Sale Price : $89.99

You save: $39.96 (31%)


BlackHawk SERPA Duty Holsters, designed for the TASER® X26c, were constructed similar to the BlackHawk Tactical SERPA Holster for firearms.

TASER X26c Bundled Package


List Price: $999.99

Sale Price : $699.99

You save: $300.00 (30%)


The TASER® X26c is the ultimate non-lethal protection device. It is trusted by thousands of police officers every day around the world.

TASER X26c Refill Cartridges (2 Pack)

SKU: DE-34220-2

List Price: $89.90

Sale Price : $79.95

You save: $9.95 (11%)


These TASER® cartridges fit TASER® the TASER X26c. They also fit TASER models M18, M18L, M26, M26c & X26. Reload your TASER® in less than two seconds.

Product(s) found6

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